It’s important to know what foods are healthy and unhealthy, but many of us don’t always know which is which. First, it’s important to define what is “healthy” – does it mean an entire meal with the most nutritious greens or just a few bites of high-end chocolate? 

With so many different types of food out there, it can be tough to determine what is “healthy.” Enter Yuka. Yuka is an app that helps you determine whether foods are good for you or not – just upload the barcode of the item in question, and it will let you know if they’re healthy or not!

What Is Yuka?

Yuka is a free app that you can use while shopping in the grocery store. Product labels can be misleading. Some might claim to be a healthy alternative to this-that-and-the-other, but oftentimes their claims are simply not true. 

With Yuka, if you’re not sure whether a product in your grocery store is nutritious, just scan the barcode of the item in question, and Yuka will give you a quick and easy-to-understand analysis of that product’s nutritional value.

How Does it Work?

Yuka uses its massive archive of product information to locate item specifics when you scan the barcode. From there, it presents you with its product rating using a simple color-coding system. This grading system is based on three things: nutritional value, additives, and organic components. 

Along with rating food products, using Yuka can also make you aware of things such as endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, allergens, and other irritants found in various personal care products. 

Every product gets a grade ranging from excellent to good, to mediocre, to poor. The app even takes things a step further by recommending similar products with a higher grade if the one you’ve scanned scored poorly. 

Not everyone has the time or energy to research and determine which products are healthy, so Yuka made the process of comparing easy and free, opening the door to a healthier future for everyone.