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hard work + passion = a life well-lived

Chuck Schmalzried is the Co-Owner of Michelle Construction – a well-respected home-building business that focuses on creating gorgeous homes with a timeless, yet modern appeal. Passionate about creating something out of nothing, Chuck has managed to create a life that centers around his skillsets and passions. When people think entrepreneur, their first thought may not necessarily be the home-building and construction industry. But Chuck and his partner, Michelle (Micky) are breaking the mold of what is normal in the realm on entrepreneurship and construction.

As a Veteran of the United State’s Air Force, Chuck was honorably discharged in 1992 after serving in Operation Desert Storm. During this time of his departure and his of service in the Ohio National Guard, Chuck picked up his old hustle of working odd jobs in construction – much like he did in high school under the tutelage of a skilled carpenter – and eventually started his own home-building business with his father in 1998 (Schmalzried Custom Homes). From there, Chuck and his father gained valuable skills and managed to build a name for themselves as highly-skilled and personable craftsmen.

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After this business dissolved in 2007, Chuck eventually landed himself in his current position – one he is ever grateful for – at Michelle Construction. Now, he and Michelle craft gorgeous homes – from start to finish – and help people move into a home that will allow them a place to craft meaningful memories. Michelle Construction is proud to love out their motto of “homes over houses,” and they enjoy creating spaces where memories can be made. But above his desire to create something excellent, Chuck’s favorite part about his career is the opportunity it allows for forging meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime.

Chuck gained an appreciation for holistic methods of maintaining health and wellness somewhat recently. Having witnessed a close relative fall ill with cancer, he saw the benefits of holistic treatments firsthand, particularly with medical marijuana. Since then, Chuck has been fascinated by the many ways illnesses can be treated with natural remedies as well as lifestyle changes.

In addition to his career and his affinity for holistic health, Chuck loves sharing stories and shining a spotlight on the brave men and women that serve in the United State’s Armed Forces. Because of this, Chuck has started to share these stories and some of his insights from his time in the military at Join him in the mission of shining a light on the true heroes of our world and share stories of courage, love, and self-sacrifice.


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