If you’re a very active person, you may have struggled during this lockdown. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world we knew operates daily. As gyms were ordered to shut down, those who work out were only given the option to exercise in their home or outdoors. For many people, exercising is the best way to increase their physical and mental health. Many people may be tempted to skip out on a workout during these unfortunate circumstances, but that is not the mentality to have. Public health officials urge that sticking to your normal exercise right now is essential.


Everyone should be exercising regularly but with more time on our hands there no room for excuses. Those who are at higher risk of getting this disease may suffer from weak immune systems. Take care of your body and exercise regularly to boost your immune systems for infection like COVID-19 and more to come. If you’ve been wanting to shed a few pounds then now is the time to do so. Cardio is essential for calorie burning to lose weight but it all starts from your eating habits.


While being at home more than before, one may pick up on eating habits that you never had before. Sitting at home and consuming more calories could lead to weight gain. People are dealing with these changes in life that can also lead to anxiety, stress, and fear. To keep up with your physical and mental health you need to go outside and get some fresh air. Walking is an effective source of cardio that allows you to clear your mind and relax. Staying indoors will only lead to more comfort foods and fewer calories burned.


If you’re not too thrilled about exercising alone then this is the perfect opportunity to reach out to family and friends. Take a bike ride on a trail you’ve been meaning to get to or even try some hot yoga out in the sun. Just because the world is closed doesn’t mean that you can’t make your way outside. Many gyms are also offering free online workout classes for anyone interested in working out in their living room on a rainy day. 


Take this time during lockdown to reevaluate your physical and mental health by setting goals to work towards. It may take some time to adjust to new exercise routines and activities but it’s important to stay safe and worry about the health of all people during this pandemic.