A growing body of evidence suggests that yoga can effectively treat people with anxiety disorders. In this blog, you’ll learn about the various aspects of yoga and how it can help people manage their condition.

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point. Although it can help us manage stressful situations, feelings of worry or fear are often not rational responses to external factors. These feelings can be incredibly disruptive and dominating for people with anxiety disorders.

People suffering from anxiety disorders can benefit from yoga therapy as it doesn’t require them to make rational decisions to relieve their feelings. Instead, it provides tools that help them identify their triggers and develop effective strategies to manage their condition. In a class, participants are taught how to regulate their stress levels and build resilience.

Using Yoga to Treat Anxiety

People suffering from anxiety disorders often feel dissatisfied with the treatment they’re currently receiving. Although medication is often part of a person’s treatment plan, they may not be comfortable with the side effects or the thought of a hard withdrawal.

This is partly why 56% of individuals with anxiety disorders resort to alternative and complementary medicine. It suggests that many are seeking support outside of their usual treatment plans. With the growing body of scientific evidence supporting yoga as a treatment for anxiety, it’s now possible to provide people with additional support.

People suffering from anxiety disorders can benefit from yoga therapy as it can be a safe and effective treatment option. It’s also very different from other forms of medicine as it focuses on developing effective strategies and techniques. While the ancient practice of yoga is still widely practiced today, its various components are used in modern anxiety treatment.

Through yoga, people can become aware of their bodies and minds linked to one another in a way that can help them relieve their anxiety. This type of relaxation can help people replace their unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Numerous studies have shown that yoga can help people with anxiety disorders. One study found that a 12-week yoga program was associated with a significant improvement in the participants’ mood and anxiety levels. After ten weeks, the researchers concluded that the practice could help people improve their health and reduce stress levels.