Marijuana is officially at the forefront of cancer treatment. It is an exceptionally effective alternative medicine with few negative side effects. It is also extremely effective at treating the very specific range of symptoms that many cancer patients suffer from such as insomnia, nausea, chronic pain, restlessness, anxiety, depression, and more. As more countries around the world legalize medicinal marijuana, its use as a cancer treatment is skyrocketing.


Nausea and Loss of Appetite

Many cancer sufferers, particularly those who are undergoing chemotherapy or more standard treatments, are extremely prone to developing nausea and loss of appetite. The THC and CBD cannabinoids within marijuana have both been shown to reduce nausea in chemotherapy patients and increase cancer patients appetite. With more of an appetite, cancer sufferers can maintain their body weight and energy levels while undergoing treatment.


Chronic Pain

Many marijuana strains are specifically bred to act as an effective means to combat chronic pain. Most of these strains possess both THC and CBD, with both cannabinoids acting in tandem to reduce inflammation that causes chronic pain and increase dopamine production. Dopamine, also referred to as the “happy hormone,” is produced by the brain and is responsible for reducing overall pain sensations.



Cancer patients often battle with some degree of insomnia due to the standard treatment side effects and the chronic pain associated with cancer. Marijuana, particularly indica strains, acts as an extremely powerful sleep-aid. Cancer patients that smoke indica strains of cannabis report being able to fall asleep more quickly and remain in a deep sleep state for much longer periods of time. Reducing the negative effects of insomnia can help cancer patients feel more energized while also reducing the feeling of weakness that can accompany the condition.



One of the most common negative symptoms that cancer patients suffer from is depression. Being diagnosed with cancer is traumatic for most people. Mid- to late-term cancer sufferers often experience extreme depression. Thankfully, cancer containing THC and CBD can act as a powerful mood booster. There are also limited negative side effects when it comes to using medical marijuana in this way.



Another mental health ailment that many cancer patients suffer from is anxiety. This anxiety can be caused by cancer treatments and medications, or it can be caused by the psychological stress that cancer sufferers experience. Many cannabis strains are extremely effective at combating anxiety. These strains include Strawberry Cough, Orion’s Belt, Afghan Kush, and others.


Medical marijuana is an undeniably effective means of treating some symptoms of cancer and cancer treatments. As the herb becomes legalized for medicinal purposes, it is becoming more popular as a means of treating cancer patients for their various ailments.