Reading is one of the best ways to learn more about a subject and get many different perspectives on the subject. This is especially true for holistic health, a subject that seems to be handled differently from person to person. If you’re looking to learn more about how to approach your own holistic health, reading a few books can be a good place to start. Here are a few great books on holistic health to check out in 2022.

The Mind/Body Toolkit – Kim D’Eramo, DO

Dr. Kim D’Eramo is a physician who has become a mind/body expert and offers a variety of tools and strategies to help individuals improve their mental and physical health. This book is a must-have for anyone who is struggling with health issues that they’re not sure how to approach anymore. Her book has a positive and relatable message that can help you get started on your holistic health journey.

The Mindbody Prescription – John E. Sarno, MD

Written by Dr. John E. Sarno, The Mindbody Prescription is a great book that will help you get started on your journey toward a more holistic health style. Due to the increasing number of people suffering from pain disorders, both doctors and their patients are failing to recognize that the underlying cause of these conditions could be related to emotional or mental health causes. Dr. Sarno’s book is meant to provide insight into ways we can recover from these types of pain disorders without the use of surgery or drugs.

The Science Behind Tapping – Peta Stapleton, Ph.D.

Peta Stapleton, who is a researcher of the Emotional Freedom Technique, provides a great overview of the history and research behind the practice of tapping in her book, “The Science Behind Tapping”. She also explains how it can be used to treat various health conditions. This is a must-have for anyone who is looking for an easy read that will teach them more about EFT using both research and evidence.

Impossible Cure – Amy L. Lansky, Ph.D.

In “Impossible Cure”, Amy Lansky provides plenty of fascinating information about the history and philosophy of the practice of homeopathy. She talks about her son’s experience with autism and how he was cured using the therapy. The book also features plenty of testimonials from people who have used homeopathic remedies in order to recover from a multitude of health issues. Check this one out if you’re looking to get a new perspective on holistic health.

The Modern Herbal Dispensatory – Thomas Easley, Steven Horne

The Modern Herbal Dispensatory is a great book that will help you learn how to make various types of herbal products at home. This complete guide will teach you everything you need to know to make effective and natural home remedies. It’s the perfect resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about herbal medicine while expanding skills at the same time.